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B.I.G. (Brothers Igniting a Groove)

Get ready to ignite your groove with B.I.G. (Brothers Igniting a Groove), the sensational R&B Smooth Jazz and Old School Funk band hailing from SoCal! Founded by the unstoppable force of Marcus “Slim” Shaw, who effortlessly handles bass and vocals while juggling his career as a National Recording Artist and Radiation Protection Supervisor/Technician, this band knows no limits. With John Martin, the IT specialist turned lead singer, who flawlessly channels the spirit of Prince and delivers unforgettable performances on every song, and Robert “Bullet” Harris, the guitar virtuoso whose infectious smile is enough to light up any stage. And let’s not forget Kevin Henderson, the powerhouse drummer whose talent defies his youthful presence. Completing this exceptional lineup is DeShezo Shenzo, the master of keys and vocals, who not only brings his versatile musical skills but also excels in film and TV scoring, as well as audio/video production. With a repertoire of over 100 songs and counting, B.I.G. has shared stages with renowned artists, but their energy and dynamic performances remain unsurpassed. Get ready for a musical experience like no other as B.I.G. takes you on a captivating journey, delivering nothing short of excellence while having an absolute blast along the way!